Mechanical Engineering, B. Sc.


The mandatory internship in the Mechanical Engineering program, B. Sc. consists of a total of 20 weeks: 6 weeks of pre-internship as a prerequisite for admission to the program, and 14 weeks of internship during the program.

It is strongly recommended to complete the pre-internship in the areas of the basic internship in order to gain an insight into aspects of craftsmanship, while the specialized internship is suitable for deepening study contents in a practical manner.


Requirements to the internship position

Internships should be completed in companies that have a training authorization before the Chamber of Industry and Commerce and produce on an industrial scale (mass, serial production).

Internships at handicraft businesses that do not usually manufacture, but only repair and maintain (e.g. car repair shops), at university facilities, as well as in businesses owned by parents of students are excluded from recognition.

Internships at research institutes and vocational training centers can only be recognized in exceptional cases and after consultation with the Internship Office prior to the start of the internship with up to a maximum of 6 weeks in the areas of basic internship (Grundpraktikum).


Content requirements

The internship is divided into:

  • four areas of basic internship (GP1-GP4) and
  • the two sections of specialized internship (Part A, FP1-FP6 and Part B, FP7-8).

All four areas of the basic internship and at least two areas of the specialized internship Part A are mandatory, each to be completed with at least the respective minimum duration.

The study-specific project internship (FP8) must be arranged with the Internship Office by e-mail before the start of the internship. Please also refer to information provided in our How To…

The internship curriculum with description of all areas and activities can be found in the Guidelines for Practical Activities for Students of the Bachelor's Degree Program in Mechanical Engineering.


Recognition and Deadlines

The deadline for submitting applications for accreditation is six months from the last day of the internship. If a voluntary part follows the compulsory part of your internship, the decisive date for the deadline is the end of the complete internship.

For pre-internships the due date is always the last day of the first semester (usually 31/03).

Information about the recognition process and the required documents can be found under How to...