Computational Engineering Sciences, B. Sc.


The internship in the Computational Engineering Sciences B. Sc. program consists of a total of 12 weeks of mandatory internship to be completed during the internship semester (7th semester).


Requirements for the internship site

Only companies that, in addition to acquiring the required knowledge, also provide insight into the way of working from an industrial point of view (determined by deadlines and costs) and into the social side of the work process can be considered as training companies in Germany.

Internships at higher education institutions or own/parental companies cannot be recognized.

Internships at research institutes can only be approved in exceptional cases and after consultation with the Internship Office prior to the start of the internship.


Content Requirements

Students are expected to work on industrial projects in which simulation techniques are at the forefront of solving the problem. In doing so, they should become familiar with the essential steps of a simulation task, which can be roughly outlined with the following keywords:

  • Finding a suitable physical model
  • Analysis and mathematical formulation of the model
  • Evaluation and selection of suitable software tools
  • Numerical formulation and programming of the problem
  • Evaluation of the simulation results based on test cases or measurement results
  • Model adaptation to improve the results
  • Application of the simulation

The interns should show special interest in the social structures in the company.


Recognition and Deadlines

The deadline for submission of applications for recognition and all related documentation is six months from the last day of the internship.

Information on the accreditation process and the required documents can be found under How To...