Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)



Is the pre-study internship and basic internship the same thing?

No. The pre-study internship refers to the timing of the internship, while the basic internship refers to the contents of the internship.

In principle, the pre-study internship can be completed in all areas (including the specialized internship). However, it is strongly recommended that it be completed in the area of the basic internship. Not all activities of the basic internship have to be covered within these 6 weeks though. The remaining requirements must then be covered during the course of study.

Further information on the composition of the internship can be found in the internship guidelines of the respective degree program.

I have completed professional training/already have work experience. Do I still have to complete a pre-study internship?

If you have relevant professional qualifications or work experience, you can be exempted from providing proof of a pre-study internship.

Please send us your training or work certificate by e-mail so that we can check whether you can be admitted to the degree program without a classic pre-study internship.

Depending on the profession, it may also be possible to have your qualifications accredited as a substitute for an internship.

Immediately after starting your studies, enquire again whether we can credit you with internship weeks for your training.  In case of accreditation, you will be informed about the further process.

My pre-study internship has not been completed by the enrolment deadline, what now?

The internship certificate must be submitted at the enrolment (and not at the application) at the latest.

You can skip the upload of the internship certificate during the application phase initially, but you must be able to prove your internship by the enrolment date at the latest.

If you are currently in an internship at the time of enrolment or have a commitment for an internship that ends after your enrolment deadline, please contact the Internship Office with the relevant proof (internship contract or corresponding certificate).

Until when must the pre-study internship be made up?

If you were admitted to the degree program without a pre-study internship or with only a partially completed pre-study internship, you must make up the missing weeks during your degree program.

The internship is an academic credit and must have been completed by the time you graduate from the bachelor's program. You must therefore take your internship into account when planning your studies.

Can I do more than 6 weeks of internship before my studies?

Yes, you can do as much internship as you want before your studies. However, you should strictly follow the guidelines of your degree program to ensure creditability.



I was on sick leave/had holidays. Can single days or half weeks also be recognised as internship?

No. A full 5 working days must be completed for a week to be recognised, as only then can a deeper insight into the contents of the internship be guaranteed, especially in the case of shorter internships. Sickness, holidays, company closures and other days of absence must be made up.

I have submitted incomplete documents/my report was not sufficient. How do I submit additional documents?

If the Internship Office asks you to submit additional documents or to supplement the internship report, please write your name and matriculation number on the supplement and submit it in a folder to the Internship Office mailbox.

The addendum does not have to be signed by the company and no new application from the Virtual Internship Office is necessary. As soon as we have added the additional documents to your report and processed it again, we will notify you by e-mail.

Does the Internship Office keep copies of my internship documents?

No. The Virtual Internship Office does store information on previously accredited internships and part of your data, but all submitted documents, reports and certificates are returned to the student after completion of the process for data protection reasons. For this reason students must keep their stamped internship certificates in a safe place and also keep track of the internships already completed and areas still to be completed.

The company requires a non-disclosure agreement, is there a template for it?

The Internship Office offers a template for a non-disclosure agreement. You can find it in the download area.

The Internship Office cannot sign a non-disclosure or confidentiality agreement issued by the company.

Is it possible to submit my report by post? Will the Internship Office return my report by post?

Submission by post is possible but not recommended, as the Internship Office cannot accept responsibility for documents not delivered or not received on time.

The return mailing is possible in exceptional, reasoned cases at the request of the student. Again, it must be pointed out that the responsibility for data protection issues or any problems that arise during mailing lies with the student.

Do I have to collect my documents personally?

No, you also have the option of authorising someone else.

Please issue a power of attorney to this person (use the form provided under Downloads) and attach a copy of your ID card. This power of attorney will then remain with us as documentation.