Counseling Services


Our counseling services address ALL students of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. Every student of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering – regardless of academic performances or semester – will be counseled.




Study Counseling

The study counseling provides counseling regarding the academic studies and represents the examination boards in selected matters. It is therefore also the point of contact for students in case of questions concerning the work of the examination boards.

Study Abroad Counseling

At the Study Abroad Counseling you can get information about the Faculty’s existing exchange programs and advice regarding the development of curricula, curriculum changes and the accreditation of academic performances accomplished abroad.


Our mentors are contact persons for all questions, suggestions and problems concerning your studies.
Furthermore, the mentors serve as guideposts to further help desks and offers inside and outside of RWTH Aachen University.

Psychological Counseling

The psychological counseling at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering offers assistance to all students of the faculty in dealing with personal stress and crises and achieving their study goals.

Gender & Diversity

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at RWTH Aachen University is committed to demanding and supporting the equal and joint work of women and men in research, teaching, services and studies.

Academic Ombud

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering has appointed one professor as a confidant responsible for mediating disagreements between parties.