AVT.SVT - Department of Chemical Engineering, Process Systems Engineering


Head of the Institute

Univ.-Prof. Alexander Mitsos, Ph.D.


Model-based computer-aided chemical engineering (modeling, simulation and optimization), as well as developing optimization algorithms

Main Research Activities

  • Model-based experimental analysis and process analytics: developing methods for modeling and optimal design of experiments for identification of kinetic phenomena in multi-phase reactive fluid systems.
  • Process design: conceptual process design with the aim of modeling, synthesizing and optimizing integrated reaction and separation processes.
  • Process operations and optimization algorithms: development and application of algorithms for model-predictive control and real-time optimization of batch and continuous processes. Deterministic global optimization, with particular focus on embedded problems (bi-level, semi-infinite).

At AVT.SVT expertise in Process Systems Engineering sub-disciplines is combined with focus on particular technologies

  • Polymerization: kinetic phenomena regarding reaction kinetics and heat and mass transport.
  • Biomass conversion: conceptual process design with the aim of synthesizing bio fuels from lignocellulose. Preceding pulping, in particular, chemical biomass disintegration using Ionic Liquids, is also part of the research.
  • Energy and water: optimizing energy and water processes, such as electrodialysis and hydrogen production processes.

Common theme is the development and use of model-based optimization-assisted methodologies. In some cases development of theory and algorithms for optimization is needed, in particular in global and dynamic optimization.

AVT.SVT is predominantly theoretical/computational. However, a substantial number of researchers work experimentally, and very often work is performed jointly with experimental groups within AVT, RWTH and internationally.


AVT.SVT - Department of Chemical Engineering - Process Systems Engineering

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