For validation of ECTS credits, you will need to successfully pass the final examinations at RWTH Aachen University. Please note: in only very few cases will professors or supervisors arrange mid-term exams or demand that students work on mini-projects throughout the semester. Rather, as a rule, courses finish with one final, mostly written exam, which you may take in English with the consent of your professor.

Please be aware: the examination period stretches across the entire semester break (“vorlesungsfreie Zeit“). It is very important that you carefully arrange your Learning Agreement and your stay in Aachen accordingly. For reasons of equal treatment of RWTH and international students, exam dates will only in very rare cases be preponed or rescheduled for individual reasons.

Semester Semester Dates Examination period
Winter approx. Mid-October - Mid-February approx. Mid-February - early April
Summer approx. Mid-April - Mid-July approx. Mid-July - Early October


Registration for exams, language courses and scientific works

As international students at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, you will need to register for exams by way our web platform. The platform will be available as of the first day of the semester, while deadlines will be announced around that time as well.

Please note that the exam registration deadline will concur with the deadline to make amendments / changes to your Learning Agreement. Note further that you must register for exams each semester, even in cases in which you wish to re-take an examination.

Term Deadline
Winter Term November 15th
Summer Term May 15th


Faculty 3 (Civil Engineering), 6 (Electrical Engineering) and 8 (Business School) also have online exam registration platform, which you must use if you want to register for exams at those faculties.

Exams at all other faculties are registered on our faculty’s registration platform.

If professors announce registration procedures – e.g. via an institute’s student office or e-mail or by a certain date – please follow these instructions!


Transcript of Records

As soon as your written exams are corrected and the results are published by the institutes, we prepare your transcript of records which we will send you to your home address. Please note: correcting the exams might take a few weeks resp. months – we prepare your transcript not before we receive all of your results.


Preliminary resp. early Transcripts of Records

In case your home university should require a preliminary transcript at an earlier stage, please notify us as soon as possible (for at least 4 weeks prior to your university’s deadline)!

In this case we would ask you to collect your grades from the institutes and chairs. For this, please use the Record Sheet. When you have collected all grades, you submit the Record Sheet to the Exchange Office. This way, if all grades are listed, your Transcript of Records can quickly be prepared.