P2F - Power to Fuel



The development of alternative fuels and powertrains as components of a future sustainable mobility are among the major challenges of our time. A promising approach is the conversion of electricity generated from regenerative sources into liquid hydrocarbon, which is compatible with existing infrastructures. The result is a long-term, high-density energy storage medium.

The Power to Fuel (P2F) competence center takes on the challenge to develop innovative processes that promise the highest possible efficiency in the generation of such fuels. In order to succeed, the Center has a strongly interdisciplinary research ethos.

Research Objectives

Die Forschungsansätze von P2F liegen in den Bereichen Elektrolyse, Katalyse, Kraftstoff und Motor sowie der Prozessanalyse.

P2F conducts research in the fields of electrolysis, catalysis, fuels and engines, and process analysis.


  • Fundamental research in the area of low temperature processes
  • Improvement of energy and power density
  • Improvement of the life span and safety of materials


  • Development of heterogeneous catalysts for the efficient use of products gained through electrolysis
  • Development of methods for modeling molecular processes to better understand structure-activity relationships
  • Analysis technologies to characterize catalysts under process conditions

Fuels and Engines

  • Optimization of emission behavior and the efficiency of combustion engines using synthetic fuels or additives
  • Integrated optimization process using numerical and experimental methods
  • Optimization of engine operation parameters with respect to synthetic fuels

Process Analysis

  • P2F research does not focus on the chemical end product
  • The objective is to develop a process enabling a high-efficiency conversion chain
  • Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for an overall ecological evaluation of the processes
  • Analysis of the economic and technological feasibility of the developed concepts and strategies

Involved Departments and Researchers

Faculty of Mathematics, Computer Science and Natural Sciences

Institute of Technical and Macromolecular Chemistry (ITMC)
Chair of Technical and Petrol Chemistry
Institute Director: Professor Dr. Walter Leitner

Chair of Heterogeneous Catalysis and Technical Chemistry
Institute Director:Professor Dr. Regina Palkovits

Chair of Materials and Processes for Electrochemical Storage and Conversion
Institute Director: Professor Dr. Rüdiger-Albert Eichel

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Aachen Chemical Enginering (AVT)
Chair of Chemical Process Engineering (AVT.CVT)
Institute Director: Professor Dr. Matthias Wessling
Chair of Process Systems Engineering (AVT.SVT)
Institute Director: Professor Alexander Mitsos, Ph. D.

Chair for Fuel Cells
Institute Director: Professor Dr. Detlef Stolten
Forschungszentrum Jülich

Chair of Technical Thermodynamics (LTT)
Institute Director: Professor Dr. André Bardow

Chair for Combustion Engines (VKA)
Institute Director: Professor Dr. Stefan Pischinger



P2F – Power to Fuel Competence Center