Domestic University Degree


Do you earn your university degree at a German university and now want to pursue doctoral studies at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at RWTH Aachen University? According to Section 8 of our examination regulations, you must meet one of the following requirements:


1. You have completed a Master's course of study and have acquired a Master's degree.


2. You have completed relevant university studies witih a typical length of study of at least eight semesters and have earned a degree other than a Bachelor's. This may include for example Magister, 2nd Staatsexamen, Diplom, etc.

Doctoral Studies to Pursue a Dr.-Ing. or Dr. rer. nat.

Are you pursuing a Dr.-Ing. degree? Then you must fulfill the requirements above in an engineering course of study.

If you fulfill the requirement but completed your degree in mathematics or the natural sciences, you can pursue a Dr. rer. nat. degree. However if you wish to pursue a Dr.-Ing. degree with this educational background you must prove at the beginning of your doctoral studies that your dissertation will focus on a topic in engineering and that you possess sufficient engineerings skills. For this purpose, your supervisor must prepare a special report according to PromO § 8 paragraph (8), which you must submit here together with your application for examination of the admission requirements. Furthermore, we need the signed admission criteria for "non-engineers", which you can find under our downloads.

In some exceptions you can may pursue a Dr.-Ing. degree even if you have completed your university degree in another subject. Please note our information in the FAQ.