AVT.FVT - Department of Chemical Engineering, Fluid Process Engineering


Head of the Institute

Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andreas Jupke

Fields of Study

Chemical Engineering, Environmental Engineering Science, Biotechnology

Main Focus

Thermal unit operations with focus on solvent and reactive extraction, distillation and liquid-liquid phase separation. Further research includes mass-transfer, interfaces and the development of thermodynamic models and molecular simulations.

Research Focus

At AVT - Fluid Separation Processes we are working on research and development with respect to thermal unit operations and the bases of their accurate description.

The research topics can be divided into the following areas:

Process and Apparatus:

  • Design of thermal separation equipment based on results of lab-scale measuring cells
  • Modelling of liquid-liquid and reactive extraction based on lab experiments with the ReDrop-Model
  • Extraction of alcoholic components from aqueous solutions
  • Recycling of phosphorus from sewage sludge ash
  • Separation of dispersions in highly viscous systems under the influence of fine solid particles
  • Solid extraction of plant-based material
  • Distillation of aqueous systems

Mass Transfer and Interfaces:

  • Simulation of separation units with molecular methods
  • Mass transfer at sedimenting drops with CFD and experiment
  • Simulation of mass transfer at interfaces

Equilibrium Thermodynamics:

  • Molecular models for highly complex molecules

Goal of AVT - Fluid Separation Processes is the egineering description based on bridging size and time scales from the molecular level to the apparatus. This is organized in discrete steps where the knowledge of each step relevant for the next larger scale is tranferred via appropriate models. Only this way we believe powerful models with predictive capacity and practical applicability can be derived.

The projects are funded by a variety of larger and medium sized companies in chemical industry and equipment suppliers as well as by consortia. We are involved with several projects in the excellence cluster 'Tailor-Made Fuels from Biomass' (TMFB).


AVT.FVT - Department of Chemical Engineering, Fluid Process Engineering
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