FSD - Chair of Flight System Dynamics


Head of the Institute

Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dieter Moormann

Fields of Study

Transportation Engineering (Aerospace Engineering)

Main Focus

Flight Mechanics, Automatic Flight Control, Flight Guidance, Spaceflight Dynamics, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Autonomy

Research Focus

Main research of the institute is on design and evaluation of flight system dynamics, especially of unconventional and unmanned aerial vehicles:

  • determination of flight mechanical characteristics by experiments with full-scale aircraft and with scaled models in wind tunnel and free-flight
  • model building and simulation of flight dynamics and system dynamics including human pilot and operator
  • optimization of flight control, flight guidance, mission control and automation towards autonomy
  • development and design of system dynamics concepts for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) / unmanned aerial systems (UAS)

Facilities: Low-speed wind tunnel, Training-simulator, Research-simulator, Free-flight laboratory, Electronic and mechanical laboratory.

The Institute of Flight System Dynamics offers different lectures and exercises to the topics Flight Mechanics (Flight Dynamics, Flight Control, Flight Guidance, Flight Mechanics Laboratory, Simulator-based Flight Training, Flight Mechanical Design of a Micro Aerial Vehicles), Spaceflight Dynamics and also a Colloquium on Aerospace related topics.


IFD - Chair of Flight System Dynamics
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