IOT - Surface Engineering Institute


Head of the Institute

Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Kirsten Bobzin

Fields of Study

Production engineering, surface engineering, Product development, materials science, energy technology, automotive engineering and transportation

Main Focus

Surface engineering, coating technologies, tribology, corrosion, brazing

Research Focus

At the Surface Engineering Institute active research and development work has been conducted in the areas of PVD/CVD technology, thermal spraying and brazing as well as modelling and simulation of these processes.For each of these individual technologies fundamental knowledge is acquired in the field of materials science and applied in the area of materials engineering from the project idea to complete system solutions to pilot production. This work is always conducted in close cooperation with industrial corporations. In addition to materials development, process optimisation, procedural and quality assurance, our services include, above all, the development and application of coating and brazing systems. The spectrum of materials processed includes everything from pure metals, metal alloys, intermetallic materials and hard metals to oxide and special ceramics, cermets, hard materials, hard alloys, fibre-reinforced materials and even polymers.

The Institute is comprised of a total of six research and development departments which are divided among both locations:

  • Deposition Welding
  • PVD Component Coating
  • PVD Tool Coating
  • Brazing Technology
  • Thermal Spraying (Protective Coatings)
  • Thermal Spraying (Process Technology)


IOT - Surface Engineering Institute
Kackertstr. 15
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