WZL - Laboratory for Machine Tools and Production Engineering, Chair of Metrology and Quality Management


Head of the Institute

Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Robert Schmitt

Fields of Study

Production Engineering, Construction Technology and Design, Plastics- and Textil Engineering

Main Focus

Coordinate Metrology, Imaging Processes, Metrology modelling and Simulation, Metrology in Production Lines, Business Excellence & Development, Customer Satisfaction & Operations Management, Perceived Quality & Product Development

Research Focus

The activities of the chair of metrology and quality management focus on the quality orientated design and support of all phases of the product live cycle: starting from a development idea to the production and finally to the after sales and subsequently customer feedback.

The methodical, organisational as well as the strategic aspects are the subject of the chair.

An active quality management assures the performance of a production unit normal as well as in a turbulent environment. Quality as a general approach encompasses philosophy and implementation of leadership principles and quantitative methods with the appropriated techniques for the design of service oriented or technical processes. Control levers are the innovation degree of products, the brand value as well as a conscious development of the perceived product quality.

The structuring of efficient, robust and synchronous processes can be successful only on the basis of reliable information. It is the function of measurement technology to identify the critical features as closely as possible at or in the process in order to provide as fast as possible information about variations and in order to establish quality control cycles. To achieve this, new technologies, new materials and challenging geometries require innovative procedures and equipment. The chair focuses – apart from understanding different physical active principals – on applying them to measurement technology and to its integration in the production process.

Within the scope of our research projects we offer to students current and attractive research projects, diploma and master theses as well as the chance to participate in the projects as student assistant. We realise the research projects primarily in cooperation with industry as well as with universities even from China, South Africa and Brazil. The latest technology of measurement equipment is available, e.g. a CT scanner, laser measuring systems and coordinate measuring machines.


WZL - Chair of Metroloy and Quality Management
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